Construction Sphere

Urbana Ltd. carries out the construction works of any complexity and scale. Rich construction experience and knowledge enables us to offer highly qualified construction services to our clients. Depending on project requirements we can guide with international standards, such as: EU, BS, ACI, ANSI, SI, СНиП, ГОСТ and other.
The Service range of our company can be grouped in three main directions, such as:
I. General construction works
II. Construction inventory rent
III. Project Management and Supervisionio

General Construction Works

Our competence is a direct result of our long-running and persistent efforts, enabling us now to implement projects of any complexity. We have an ambition to be the leaders in the field and we are, thus, ready to accept any challenges. In our practice we have faced a number of extraordinary technical challenges, which only helped us become stronger and gain more experience. Certain specific work, which can in general be a challenge to many, is just a routine for us.
Membership to various international construction and architectural societies awards us with the possibility to get acquainted with the contemporary scientific-technical achievements, challenges, difficulties and is a good chance to be part of these processes

Project Management and Supervision

“Urbana” Ltd. participates in project management routine throughout the whole lifespan of the project. Project management service area is determined on an individual basis in every single case, depending on the task assigned by the client. Project planning, management, monitoring and completion are carried out in accordance with the internationally recognized standards.
Specific computer programmes and electronic spreadsheets are introduced for project management purposes in accordance with the internationally accepted management standards.

Construction Inventory Rent

Modern construction inventory allows works to be carried out in shortest time-frames and with high quality. Duly selected inventory guarantees for a better work efficiency (productivity) and effective use of human resources.

Strategic Priorities

Success of our business is dependent not upon a certain single factor, but rather upon a combination of several external and internal factors, some of these being: general business environment, risk management system (RMS), personnel labour efficiency (capacity), economic growth (GDP), demographic tendencies, which affect the availability of qualified personnel/manpower at a labour market. State spending on infrastructural projects results in increased demand in other economic sectors, which in turn is an incentive to the material wealth and employment growth. Stability of financial institutions and availability of monetary resources to our clients is yet another utterly important, defining factor. All above stated factors serve us the purpose of determining our strategic priorities.

I. Stable Position on Market
We find it essential to secure a stable position on Georgian construction market. A successful construction company needs substantial financial resources and strong personnel background in order to win tenders (deals) and to fund large-scale projects with its own means at the initial stage, once the deal is reached. Project magnitudes are generally associated with quality, reliability and stability, which taken along with the recommendations create – trust.
Utter importance is given in our company to the employment of highly qualified and skilled personnel and their respective retraining.

II. Business Diversification
While construction business belongs to a high-risk business sphere, its diversification creates the possibility for the mitigation of negative risks. Namely, we endeavor to diversify our company business in various directions of construction sphere, both private and state sector. Rich working experience and thorough knowledge establishes us as a highly competitive and strong player on construction market.
We are also endeavouring to develop those directions that are not popular in our country as of now, but are on high demand and successful on international market. A number of technical innovations implemented in Georgia by our company are clear confirmation to this.
For the purposes of business diversification we actively participate in various international tenders, both in Georgia and abroad.

III. Financial Stability
Despite the principle contrast between state and private clients financial stability of the company is a key precondition to win the job. Thus we see our financial capacity as a strong foundation for our business activity. Important procurement operations can also be proceeded with more ease and more swiftly when project budget is apportioned.

IV. Flexibility
Our flexibility – allows for rapid reaction to the changes in market conjuncture, which is a significant competitive advantage of our company. Admittedly, demand-supply balance on the market is variable, and therefore in some cases, due to resource overload, we assign certain works to our subcontractor organizations.
In order to ensure our flexibility we are endeavouring to graduallyminimize our dependence on suppliers and subcontractors, to the maximumextent. We are constantly widening our material-technical base andrenewing it periodically as required.