What We Do

Urbana Ltd. is a technological company founded in Georgia, specializing in civil construction and renovation (finishing) works.

Company service area covers all directions of construction industry. With the use of modern equipment and state-of-the-art technology our highly qualified personnel creates a top quality product for our customers. Through coordinated work we realize the most complex and unique construction projects – within planned time-span, with the best quality and at the best competitive price.

Our team is oriented on constant development and we do our best to keep abreast to the contemporary technological progress in construction sphere. As a result of our endeavours we have successfuly introduced a number of innovations in the country.

Urbana Ltd. is among the few companies that offer their clients a full range of construction services throughout the complete life-span of the project:  Initiation – Planning – Execution – Closure.gear


Organizational Chart

Managing Board

“Urbana” Ltd. Managing Board includes:Chief Executive Officer (Founder), Financial Officer, Chief Engineer and Lawyer. The Board is responsible for the financial stability of the organization and determines its strategic goals. Company goals are accomplished through active involvement of all structural subdivisions of the company.

Structural Subdivisions

“Urbana” Ltd. structural subdivisions are run by Middle Management. Middle managers coordinate and independently run the departments under their subordination, and report to a member of the Managing Board directly responsible for the specific department. Middle Management responsibility covers operational planning of the works and their implementation for the successful accomplishment of set goals and tasks. Managers of structural subdivisions take part in drafting and approval of a Project Management Plan (PMP). They establish company norms and organize for the training and retraining of personnel.

Project Managers

Project Managers (PM) directly run construction projects.Along with the Project Management Office (PMO)they take part in drafting of a Project Management Plan.Once a Project Management Plan is approved the PMs run projects independently, under their sole responsibility and report directly to the CEO. Project Managers exercise all the rights necessary for the operational management of projects. “Urbana” Ltd. offers its clients a highly qualified service in almost all directions of construction industry, in line with contemporary European standards.