Our Partners

General Construction Works

Our competence is a direct result of our long-running and persistent efforts, enabling us now to implement projects of any complexity. We have an ambition to be the leaders in the field and we are, thus, ready to accept any challenges. In our practice we have faced a number of extraordinary technical challenges, which only helped us become stronger and gain more experience. Certain specific work, which can in general be a challenge to many, is just a routine for us.
Membership to various international construction and architectural societies awards us with the possibility to get acquainted with the contemporary scientific-technical achievements, challenges, difficulties and is a good chance to be part of these processes

Project Management and Supervision

“Urbana” Ltd. participates in project management routine throughout the whole lifespan of the project. Project management service area is determined on an individual basis in every single case, depending on the task assigned by the client. Project planning, management, monitoring and completion are carried out in accordance with the internationally recognized standards.
Specific computer programmes and electronic spreadsheets are introduced for project management purposes in accordance with the internationally accepted management standards.

Construction Inventory Rent

Modern construction inventory allows works to be carried out in shortest time-frames and with high quality. Duly selected inventory guarantees for a better work efficiency (productivity) and effective use of human resources.